Quilts 2011

20 March 2011

New to this whole blog thing

I love quilting, sewing, making "stuff".  Growing up, many hours were spent out in my dad's workshop behind the scrollsaw making things to enter in 4-H at the county fair (and always trying to figure out what I could make that could beat out my 4-H woodworking nemesis Kelly Kramer who always seemed to one-up me with her projects!)  I never did get that State Fair trip thanks to her!  Always the runner-up.  (I'm not bitter or anything...)

I dabbled a bit in sewing through 4-H too, my first project being a ski-bag for my cross country skis.  Tried some garmet making (that didn't go so well) and I stuck with "Clothes You Buy" for 4-H instead.  (Always wondered about that category, buying an outfit and modeling it!  But it meant I got to go shopping so I kept my thoughts to myself!)

Then I got into quilting about 14 years ago.  Had some good friends that helped fuel that interest and we'd get together weekly to sew.  They moved away but I kept right on sewing. (I'll do another post on my first quilt as it's a bit of a funny story.)  However, as of lately I was getting increasingly frustrated when I'd go to buy fabric.  I never could find what I really wanted.

Earlier this winter I discovered a quilt shop in my home town, Hannah Johnson Fabrics.  Full of modern quilting type fabric.  I called my husband as I left the store, "Honey, I think I've died and gone to fabric heaven."  THIS is the fabric I've been searching for in quilting shops for years.   I'll take a yard (or two or three!) of everything, please!  Thank goodness it's on the other side of town otherwise I'd be there all the time.  Wait.  It being on the other side of town hasn't stopped me from being there all the time.  

At about the same time (within the same week of finding Hannah Johnson) I discovered quilting blogs.

Oh. My. Goodness.

All these amazing women have inspired me to a whole new level with their creativity.  My Favorite list is a mile long of ideas.  

And then I discovered Google Reader.  And a Google Reader app for my phone.  I can't get enough of seeing beautiful fabrics sewn together in new ways.  Now I can see anytime, any place when someone adds something new to their blog!  

Amazing fabric + cool ideas + and the ability to have said-ideas at my finger tips 24/7 = ADDICTED!  I've been a sewing-machine, cranking out projects left and right!

The next logical step seems to be for me to jump on the quilting blog bandwagon.  So here I am!  Welcome to Life on the Selvage Edge!  I look forward to sharing ideas, projects, and getting some feedback if anyone ever reads this!

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