Quilts 2011

19 March 2012

Flea Market Hopscotch

Time to join up on another Quilt Along... Haven't quite finished the Granny Square, but I'm plugging away on the hand stitching.

New fabric showed up in the mail today.  Flea Market Fancy and some Amy Butler. (The grey with white dots is from my stash)

Flea Market Fancy has arrived!!

There's some missing, I now realize.  And that's because there it was, sitting there, staring in my face, just begging to be cut up and some made its way to the cutting mat.  Because I had the pattern I wanted to use it in... Hopscotch by Camille Roskelley.  And it's another quilt along pattern so I jumped on the bandwagon over on  the Swooning on a Hop Along.  Love the name!  What I love even more?  All the quilts popping up in this Flickr group.  Nothing like beautiful inspiration to get you quilting!

I worked on some blocks tonight - I'm loving on they're coming together.  Never have sewn triangle blocks before, and all the tips on the Flickr group gave me confidence to tackle it.

- Be careful with all the bias edges

- Cut accurately.  Yeah, I'm not always the best at this and have to do lots of, um, convincing.

- Use starch (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Best Press)

- Leave the dog ears and use them to match up seams

First few Hopscotch Blocks
So far so good!  My points are matching up!


  1. Looks so great!! Making me anxious to start mine! I see your dotted 'corners' are different - is that different from the pattern? What's your plan - to mix them up throughout OR just use a few fabrics for those corners OR? Just curious, as I think about what fabrics I have picked out for mine...Thanks for the tips.

  2. Sorry - just saw your new pic on flickr so I see...