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11 August 2012

Summer Fun

Finally found some time tonight to catch up on blogging.  I saw the date of my last post... It was at the end of  June.  And it was only a picture.  Here we are, well into August.  And there goes summer!

It's been a busy one, this summer:

A week of Vacation Bible School.

Bringing upper elementary kids to Bible camp for a week and spending part of the week with them.

Dropping off my son and other younger elementary kids for a week of camp (and, boy, was it quiet around the house!)

Picking him up only to drive home and immediately get on a bus for 11 days to Biloxi, Gulfport, and New Orleans for a youth gathering with the high school kids.

Returned home from that amazing trip and got the middle school kids ready to leave 5 days later for a week long service trip (which I didn't go on because I busy trying to catch up on sleep!)

The summer has been a bit of a blur. 

 (If you haven't guessed already, my full time job is in youth ministry.)  I've been at my position coming up on 11 years and I came to the realization this summer that I'm not as young as I used to be!  It gets harder to bounce back after sleeping on buses while traveling and keeping up the busy pace that these trips demand!  But as I bobbed around in the Gulf of Mexico with my group of students, I said "Just another day at the office!"  I love my job and the youth and families I have the privilege to work with!  It's been a great summer!

 And now it's August.  Whew. 

August meant a week of at-home vacation.  Now in the midst of a couple weeks of working.  And then a vacation with my family and friends of ours coming up.  Looking forward to time away with my boys and our friends!

The sewing machine hasn't been totally neglected this summer (She even got her annual tune up while I was in New Orleans).  Here's some projects I've worked on:

Another 421 Tote for a silent auction for the Bible camp we send our church kids too

A t-shirt quilt for a silent auction that benefits the MS Society.  My husband has been involved in an event called Crawl 4 the Cure since it started.  It's a 4 day event where people bring their Jeeps and other Off-Highway Vehicles to an off-road park and run trails all weekend long, while raising money for the MS Society.  There's a big silent auction and a raffle for a Jeep on Saturday night.  This year they raised over $90,000!  It's a fun weekend of camping, wheeling, and hanging out, but I had to miss it this year due to being on the trip to New Orleans.  I put this quilt together as my way to contribute.  It includes t-shirts from every year the event has been held.  My husband texted me the amount of the winning bid... $600!  My jaw hit the floor!  It was the highest bid for any silent auction item. Made me glad to be able to help out this great event!

 This week I made an apron as a wedding shower present for a friend.  
We're both big Disney fans.  :)
I used  Sewing In No Man's Land's Tea and Crumpet Apron tutorial
(which is based on an Anthropology apron).  

I had to try in on for a little photo shoot before giving it away!

Today was the shower.  Here's the bride-to-be, looking all cute!  

And speaking of cute and Minnie Mouse, you have to see my adorable niece in the hat my mom crocheted for her...

She just melts my heart!  I love this little girl!

(If you're interested, HERE is the crochet pattern.  Sorry, cute baby not included!)

And, of course, I'm advocating for an adult version of this hat.  Pretty please, Mom?!

But before I start thinking too much about winter hats and cold weather, I'm ready to enjoy the rest of the summer!  

Here's to sandals, water, sun, sand, and time with my two boys!

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  1. My son is in youth ministry too & he was just telling me today how other coworkers have it a tad easier in the summer, but certainly not him! Busy but great times!
    You tote is really great & what fun Minnie goods!

  2. AWESOME...........!!! Thanks for sharing such a great idea.