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19 June 2013

WIP Wednesday

The summer is off to a whirlwind start! The sewing has come in bursts with distance in between sessions. Getting ready for Vacation Bible School at our church sucked up all my regular work hours and a bulk of my free time. I had to choose between blogging and sewing when I did get a few moments and sewing (or a nap!) won!

Here's May's Stitch That Stash blocks for Krista, a variation of the St. Louis 16 Patch. Love her self-described cheeseburger color scheme she's got going on!

Then it was time to break out my Patchwork, Please book by Aand make a Prettified Pincushion! (I always read Prettified as Petrified! Can you imagine some future civilization unearthing a petrified pincushion?!)

I very rarely buy patterns, and even less frequently books but decided I wanted to play along with Zakka 2.0 Sew Along. I'm so glad I got this book! Love the projects in here and have already made a few.

Here's a fun garage sale find! I'm sure some sewing notions will find a new home in here at some point!

Another Patchwork, Please project. This time a boxy zippered pouch, using some fun fabric gifts from my Stitch That Stash buddies! Thanks, ladies!

And then my baby turned 10. And he requested I make him a bow tie so he could wear it when we go out for pizza on his big day! He picked the fabric from my stash, I found a pattern online, sewed it up and then used Google to figure out how to tie the bugger! He looked so stinkin' adorable wearing it! Happy Birthday, kiddo!  Gah, where has the time gone and how can by baby be over 5 feet tall and wearing adult sized shoes?!

I found some time to sew up some more of my Stitch that Stash blocks and I laid them all out. I love, love, love them!

The first official project of the Patchwork, Please Sew Along, Bell Pepper Coaster which found its way to a new home with Krista's Bee Blocks. "Because even a beverage needs a quilt!"

Then my sister hinted that she could use a new purse so I made her a 241 Tote (Pattern by Anna). I picked up a painting canvas at Menards (the Midwest version of Lowes/Home Depot) and used that for the bag! It is sturdy and pretty darn cheap! I love the texture! Variations on the pattern - I made the strap longer because she wanted a cross body bag to make her hands free to keep up with her not quite 2 year old.  I also only put one zipper on the front instead of two.

Then came the actual week of VBS and my sewing machine was neglected, poor thing! But quilting was still on the brain as the Minnesota Quilt Show was in town! And there was a special trunk show with Victoria Findlay Wolfe being hosted by my favorite LQS, Hannah Johnson Fabric! Two friends joined me and we found her to speaking and quilts to be very inspiring! Love her idea of 15 minutes of play each day and "made fabric". I wanted to go home and sew, sew, sew but I had to get things ready for the next day of VBS!  Darn obligations getting in the way of creativity!

Her quilts are amazing to look at up close! Pictures don't do them justice!

One of my dear friends bought me Victoria's book, 15 Minutes of Play, which she autographed. While talking to her we learned she used to live in Duluth and only 2 blocks from where we live! A fun "small world" moment.

The next day was my birthday.  It was spent at VBS, then the quilt show for a couple of hours, dinner with family, and then my sweet husband surprised me with a gathering of friends at a new brewery tap room that some people we know opened in Duluth, Bent Paddle Brewery.  A good cold beer after a long week, surround by friends was a the perfect way to end my brithday!

Then it was the weekend and we took off to Minneapolis for some grad parties, some time at Mall of America, for the boy - Sky Zone (an indoor trampoline park), and of course a fabric store! SR Harris was my choice. It is a big warehouse and they have EVERYTHING. And a lot of it. Fabric of all types - cotton, wool, decorator fabrics, knits, dancewear!, trims, leather, etc all sold for 50% off.   It is piled high to the ceilings.  The place is insane and overwhelming.  And I only had 45 minutes.
With the time crunch, I began scanning the piles and these are some of the treasures I came across. Not bad!

Then came Monday. My day off. Son is at a summer program. Husband at work. VBS is now a distant memory. I had a date with my sewing machine!  Whoop!  Whoop!

I had been thinking about Victoria Findlay Wolfe's quilts, made fabric, and a Swedish Bloom quilt in Patchwork, Please. Time to start playing with my red/pink scraps, sewing a bunch together and cutting the paper pieces from this new made fabric.
There's no plan for this... Making it up as I go. When I got to the second border I decided to make the paper pieced leaves that we're in the book, but scaled down to fit. Figured out what size they needed to be, then drew up a new piece based off the book's pattern. Some used green "made fabric". It has been fun to see my ideas change as it comes together and running off in a new direction as an idea pops in my mind. Very liberating!

Can't wait to see where it leads me next!

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  1. You have a very handsome ten year old there! How cool is that he wanted a bow tie! Happy belated birthday to him!
    I love your made fabric and I think that 15 minutes of play is just what my doctor would order for me!!! I haven't been able to touch my sewing machine except to fondle it occasionally so it knows that I know it is still there!:(