Quilts 2011

06 June 2011

Quilting by Tile

We're remodeling our kitchen.

It's been a long month.

Finally found the subfloor under :
vinyl flooring
2 layers of vinyl composition tile
hardwood floors.
The walls were no better:

And in the above picture, a WINDOW!  Whoever had last remodeled the kitchen paneled right over the top of this window on the inside and put the siding over it on the outside.  It was a surprise to find!  We ended up adding a new window right here.

With all home renovation projects, there's always lots of surprises.  The window was just one of many. A couple of bird nests encased in spray in foam from umpteen years ago. A floor that was tilting away from the house which had to be jacked up (kitchen doesn't have a basement under it like the rest of our house does.) Rotten boards.  A kitchen drain that wasn't actually hooked up (all our sink's water was running out into the insulation under the kitchen.)

That's a whole lot of yuck.

After all of this our house is a mess.  We're tired.  If it can't be microwaved or made on the grill, we can't eat it.  I'm tired of eating out.  Dishes have to be done in the bath tub, at work, or at my parents (Yup, done all three!) Dust is covering everything.  AND I CAN'T QUILT.

My quilting table has the microwave and other junk on it.

THE HORROR!  Going through withdrawal in a bad, bad way.

But I found a way around it.

Here's our new floor....

Yup, I "quilted" with tile.  Vinyl Composition Tile (those 12 inch square tiles that you see in stores, schools, etc)

We picked out five colors, cut each square in half, and then I went crazy laying them out in a random-like pattern.

Man, I love our new floor.  Makes all the dust, ickiness, and sweat of the last month worth it.

Hmmmm... maybe I need to quilt a quilt to match our quilted floor...

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