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14 June 2011

So happy!

I'll have to admit, I've been obsessively checking my Google Reader this past week to see the results of The Naked Bed Challenge.

And tonight what pops up?  "Naked Bed Winners"



Seeing my quilt!  

YAY!  So excited!  

Am I already trying to figure out how to spend my winnings over at 1 Choice 4 Quilting? (Thank you for sponsoring the challenge!) YOU BET I AM!  And to find out on the eve of my birthday - what a great present!

Some thank yous are in order:  First off, thank you to Grandma for your love of quilting and sharing your fabric with me.  And a big thank you to my sweet husband who told me to go quilt on the final day of the challenge so I could finish (while he slaved over putting our new kitchen cabinets together).  I felt a tad guilty, but not enough that I'd stop sewing!  

Thank you to Sarah Fielke over at The Last Piece for coming up with the challenge to get quilter's beds properly clothed (no more store purchased quilt for our bed!)  All the entries were beautiful and inspiring!  Check out the Flickr group to see all the gorgeous entries.

Here are a few of my favorites
Naked Bed Challenge 1

Coming Up Roses - Naked Bed Challenge

A quilt for my bed

finished quilt top

Just think of all the happy beds that aren't naked anymore...

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