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16 September 2012

Harvest Time

It was a perfect fall day today.  My parents have some large gardens on some land that we call "The Farm". Originally the land was part of my grandparents dairy farm.  Now my parents grow corn, potatoes, carrots, raspberries, strawberries, etc, etc.  And then there's the pumpkins and gourds.  Oh, man are there a lot of those.  Today was the day to harvest all the beautiful and unique shaped pumpkins and gourds.  It's become an annual tradition to invite friends out to bring in the harvest.

 (Nice earring, honey!)

 The deer got into the pumpkins and had themselves a gourmet buffet.

Here I am with my family...

My dad also raises honey bees so he gave the kids (and adults) a look at a demonstration hive.

And then there was fresh apple cider from the cider press...

 There were cows to go "Moo" at...

And a little celebrating that I'm 3/7th of the way done with my Scrap Vomit quilt!  WHOOP!  WHOOP!
Since one should always celebrate when one reaches the 3/7th mile mark, I decided a photo shoot at the farm was in order.  

Or, my husband told me I could just be done and we'd have a long, skinny quilt to attempt to snuggle under...  That would be nice and cozy.

Oh, and after most people left, we went to pick some carrots...

Maybe we ought to check the radiation level of the soil.... that's one funky carrot.

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  1. Love his earring! What a wild carrot. Looks like a great day. How wonderful to have that garden to harvest. Your quilt looks fantastic!

  2. Looking good - love the pics of the farm, and that quilt looks gorgeous!

  3. Oh your quilt is coming along well! I love your layout!

    And that is one seriously weird carrot!

  4. Love the look of your scrap Vomit coming along...

  5. pumpkins in your garden . . . I'm so jealous. Beautiful quilt!

  6. love that skinny quilt...the garden is to die for

  7. lol at your husband! It would make a great long, skinny quilt hehe I am stopping by from the WIP hop. I would love to have you stop by and see my WIP as well :) http://domesticdeficitdisorder.blogspot.com/2012/09/wednesday-wips.html

  8. I'm hopping over from Freshly Pieced and you have such a lovely blog! and yes that carrot is amazingly interesting! lol

  9. Ah, natural carrots unsullied by supermarket selection, lol!! Scrap vomit is looking good!! It will be a beautiful big quilt once you're done!!

  10. It looks like it was a fun day at the farm. I love your scrap quilt. (I just can't bring myself to call it scrap v----!)

  11. What a lovely day! Your scrap vomit is looking great and you could just use it as a bed runner, those are all the rage these days aren't they? But I bet it'll look even better when finished.

  12. How fun! Those cows are adorable! Your quilt is looking good!

  13. This is super cute! Hope you share with us tomorrow at QuiltStory.blogspot.com