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07 November 2012

The Thrill

I *really* like starting new projects.

The thrill of pulling out new fabrics.  Trying out a new technique.  Seeing it come together.

All I was going to do last night was pull fabric for my Amy Butler Weekender bag, and get it packed up to take to the quilt retreat this weekend. Watch election results roll in and play with fabric. That's all.  

 I've been scouring blogs, reading about everyone's run-ins with this challenging bag, making notes on my pattern, and getting excited to give it a go.  Quilt as you go was my method of attack.  I got the duck and batting cut out a few days ago.  (I like going into the quilt retreat with a bit of a start on a project)

Then there sat those pieces right next to the fabrics I selected.

Just begging to be tried....

Beginning of my Weekender Bag

And there is the outside pocket for one side.

 *shrug shoulders*
What can I say?  No impulse control whatsoever when it comes to a new sewing project.

My sweet husband wondered if I'll have a project left to work on this weekend.  I can fairly confidentially say... I think so (this project is way too complex for what little extra time I have this week).... Although I'm guessing another slab will get done.  And I'm thinking that time will be right now because I have a bit of time before I have to get to work this morning!

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  1. haha. Yeah once you decide to do it, it just needs to get done! Good luck!

  2. Silly, sweet husband. Worrying about projects to do...ha! This one is looking great!

  3. Lovely work! And I think we all know that a quilter is never out of projects!