Quilts 2011

28 November 2012

WIP - the done and undone

My goal the last couple of months is to finish up some WIPs.  Too many of these projects staring me in the face and it's about time I did something about some of them.

I've finished up quite a few things...

Finally Finished!
This quilt that I gave as a wedding present to some friends.

And this, which was a wedding present to my sister and her husband.  The top was done and it was all sandwiched together for their wedding 2.5 years ago.  I finally got around to quilting it last month.  Sorry, guys!

Blackhoof Valley Quilt
And this one was for our family.  It originally was started with plans to live on our Queen bed.  Then we went and got a new bed, King sized, and it sat undone.  Right now it's living on our couch and is perfect for snuggling under on the cool nights that have arrived to Northern Minnesota.

This week I found my Hopscotch blocks that I started eons ago and lost steam on...
About half the blocks done
Things weren't really clicking for me... not sure what it was about this quilt.  I love the pattern, love the fabrics but it just didn't make me excited to work on.  There was no way I was going to make the rest of the blocks - just being honest with myself!  I started playing with the blocks and realized I had enough with the white points and the coral Amy Butler dots to make a tree skirt.  I've been wanting to replace the store bought one we've had for quite a few years.  I see a project being salvaged!

Hopscotch Christmas tree skirt
 I put it together with a bit of time the last couple of evenings and it's now living under our tree!  There are still some of the other blocks, and I see those taking on a new life as a wall hanging or table runner. (So hard to take a good picture this time of year!  Sorry about the not-so-great image!)

This is the first time in quite a few years that we've gotten our tree up this early.  And I'll admit, the last couple of years the tree is the only thing that went up (and I was digging for the stockings on Christmas Eve so Santa could visit!)  However, we got a bunch of snow on Thanksgiving evening and it put me right into the Christmas spirit!  The house is all decorated and and I'm loving the evenings of all the lights and decorations surrounding us.

There's a few more projects to knock off...

3/7th of a Scrap Vomit
(I'm 4/7th of the way done now!)

I've got a bunch of these blocks just waiting to be made into something... not quite sure yet!  I'm thinking a wall hanging for our staircase.

And I've got a bunch of 5" squares cut from voile... a project I started last year on Christmas day.  Good grief!  I really do like starting things more than finishing them!

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  1. Your quilts are beautiful!! I especially like the tree skirt!

  2. Love the tree skirt. Using a big hexi is a great way to go.

  3. What a clever idea to make a tree skirt, it looks really great. And of course your other projects are also beautiful.

  4. Hey, I love your postage stamp WIP, and that top wedding gift quilt is fantastic. :D

  5. WOW! You've done brilliantly working your way through your WIP pile. Your quilts are lovely & I especially like your new Tree Skirt.

  6. Your projects are beautiful! Loving that tree skirt!

  7. Your projects are beautiful! I love that you made a tree skirt out of the Hopscotch quilt! Great idea!

  8. So many beautiful quilts. I especially love the first one!

  9. Wow! You are whipping through your quilts! I love the first three. I love your color placement on the star quilt, and your quilt with squares looks so lively and fresh. Beautiful work!
    Nancy from joy for grace

  10. Boy, you are doing great finishing things up! It's so frustrating having a project that you just aren't into - love how you salvaged Hopscotch! It's a very fun tree skirt!

  11. Hi Deb! Such beautiful work!! I've just found the pattern for the quilt at the very top of this post (the one you gave for the wedding) and I can't wait to make it--and then I found your top stitching, which makes this even more stunning! Can you please share how you made this? I'd really love to follow your method! Thanks so much!