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07 December 2012

Christmas is coming

A couple of Christmas presents are done...

Church Ladies' Basement Apron 
A Church Basement Lady apron for my mom. Who hinted that she wanted an apron. I believe her way of "hinting" was "I need an apron. I'm getting messy when I cook."  One apron coming right up! This will be given to her early because next weekend we are making lefse, krumkake, and rosettes.  Don't want her getting messy!

Hip(ster) Hop Hippity Hop Sock Bunny

And a Hip(ster) Hop Hippity Hop Sock Bunny.

 I found some fun socks at Target and used this tutorial from Lil Blue Boo.  This is for my 15 month old niece.  Since I couldn't do buttons for eyes (choking hazard), I thought some spectacles would be a good alternative. And then was up late when I came up with the name.  Gotta love sleep deprived loopiness. I showed these to a few people at work and now I have orders for 5 bunnies!  

Today and tomorrow we're having another "Crafty" Weekend at church, where we all drag over our projects to the fellowship hall and we craft the weekend away!  Can't wait to knock off a few more projects!

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  1. Great finishes! Love the AMH fabric in that apron. The sock bunny is adorable!