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26 February 2013

Scrappy Explosion!

Wow... a lot has happened since I last posted!  January was a blur of traveling with family and then for work.  And honestly, what happened to February?!  I swear it just started!

Here are some of the things I've been up to:

For the Stitch that Stash Bee ...

Stitch That Stash

January's block were a Churn Dash at the request of Deb from Simply Miss Luella
Stitch that Stash Bee - January - Churn Dadh (block 2) Stitch that Stash - January Block

Next, I jumped on the instagram quilting sensation... the Scrappy Trip Along!

My son had been requesting a new quilt.  And he was quite specific in his requests:
1.  It had to have a fleece back
2.  It needed to be heavy
3.  It needed to be fluffy (high loft batting)
4.  It needed to be tied

How does a 9 year old have such specific quilting requests?!

The Scrappy Trip Along seemed to be the right fit for him!

There's always a furry helper when I'm doing layouts!
16 blocks done!  And my furry little helper. #scrappytripalong

 Here's a close up of the twin sized quilt... #scrappytripalong all done!

And here's the boy all snuggled up on the first night he got it, which happened to be a -20° that night.  Perfect timing!
Loving his new quilt on the -15 degree cold night. #scrappytripalong

He has used this every night, dragging it to my parents when he's stayed with them, and it often found on the couch as well!  I'm glad it is getting lots of love!

Next up was February's Stitch that Stash bee block, an Ohio Star for Kristan at Doodle Do Designs

Stitch that Stash - February block Stitch that Stash February Bee Block - Ohio Star

Then it was time to finish up some UFOs that have been hanging around for far too long!
We had another crafting weekend at the church I work at.  It's such a great time to hang out with a fun group of women while we sew/bead/scrapbook our Friday and Saturday away!

I made a mini quilt using half square triangles out of blocks I've had sitting around for along time.

To the Point

I couldn't bear to cut off the points and I was feeling to lazy to do setting triangles so I left the irregular edges.    However, I'm glad I didn't realize how long it would take me to bind the edges like this when I started out on this route because setting triangles would have been WAY easier!  A ton of work doing the inside angles, but I love how it looks!  Its new home is over the back of a chair in my office. So bright and cheery and fun!

Yesterday was quite productive day... I love Mondays:  my day off and I'm home by myself!  Love my family and being with them, but I also enjoy my Mondays of being home alone from 7:30am-4pm.  My time to recharge my batteries, quilt, clean, etc.  I got the house picked up some and also made it to the gym for a workout.  And I quilted and came up with a BIG finish....  My Scrap Vomit quilt top is done!  49 blocks that are made up of 49 squares.  2,401 2.5" squares later, we are well on our way to having a king size quilt on our bed!

Scrap Vomit top all done!  2,401 2.5" squares... Whew!

Next up, the attempt to quilt it on my home machine!  It sort of gives me frights to think about, but I'm going to forge ahead!

2013 is off to a good start!

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  1. Some great finishes! I love the not-straight edges of your HST mini. I think they were worth the binding, but I didn't have to bind them, did I? :)

  2. I love all your scrappy fun but really love your scrap vomit. It is fabulous.

  3. I love your scrappy quilts. So pretty, and that is a huge quilt to do on your home machine. I'm feeling energized to try and start doing more of my own quilting at home but I haven't gotten there yet. I use the long arm a lot but I think I want to try and find one I can rent or else start doing more at home. I love some long arm quilting but its so expensive.

  4. You do have such nice scrappy quilts! I have done a few large quilts on my home sewing machine and it gets easier with each one. Another resource I found very helpful is an article by Elizabeth Hartman about this very topic. It can be found at the Modern Quilting Guild website here: http://themodernquiltguild.wordpress.com/2012/04/08/100-days-week-of-quilting-tips-for-free-motion-quilting-a-larger-quilt/

  5. Beautiful scrappy quilts. I am sure your son will love his quilt for a long time,or until he has requests for another:)

  6. WOW, deb! I love everything. your son has one awesome quilt! love that he wanted it tied. and your scrap vomit is gorgeous, love the aqua. and neat edges on that hst quilt! the unintended extra effort sure paid off :D