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26 March 2013

a BIG finish

I had to go look this morning and find out when I started my scrap vomit quilt.  It was the beginning of September 2012 when I first posted about it.  It was a quilt that I got off to a steady start but lost steam part way through.

Scrap Vomit
Scrap Vomit - September 4

3/7th of a Scrap Vomit
Scrap Vomit - September 15
It was stuck at 3/7th of the way done for an awful long time!

Then in January and February I tackled it again, soon getting the blocks done and getting the whole thing pieced together.

Scrap Vomit top all done!  2,401 2.5" squares... Whew!
Scrap Vomit - February 25

Friday morning I decided today was the day to get the thing basted.  Let's move this sucker off the UFO list and get it on our bed!  I brought it to work (love working a church with all the tables to spread my projects out on!) and got it all basted up in the afternoon before heading home.
Backing is Britten Nummer from IKEA and Robert Kaufman's Spot On - Small Spots in Aqua 

I spent a few hours quilting it on Friday. I had bought my first spool of Aurifil thread earlier in the week when a LQS was having a big sale.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  My machine just loved it!

Saturday was spent doing some more quilting and soon the binding was on!

I used Pat Sloan's way of putting the binding on by machine stitching it.  Usually I hand stitch the binding on but this is going to be used and plus it is so big!  I didn't think I'd be patient to finish it!  The only thing I did different was making my binding 2.5" and folding it in half like I usually do.  After sewing the binding to the back side of the quilt, you use a reverse blanket stitch to hold it down.  It worked so slick!  The Aurifil was 50wt and using it with the binding, it just disappeared.  (Print on the binding totally helped hide the stitch lines as well.)

For the binding I used this:

Scribble Notes in Black - Carolyn Friedlander from Architextures
Love how this binding looks... frames it plus it gets some texty stuff going on that I love so much!

One of my favorite things on a quilt is hand stitching.  Absolutely love how it looks, especially Perle cotton.  I auditioned my Perle cotton stash to my husband and we decided orange was the color to go with and it would go in the white squares of the B Blocks.

Scrap Vomit

With aching fingers, I hand stitched away on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.   Woke up at 5am on Monday unable to go back to sleep.  Should I play Candy Crush or hand stitch?  Hand stitching won and soon all 24 blocks had orange stitches running through them!  I threw it in the wash and soon a wonderful crinkly quilt was emerging from the dryer!

Scrap Vomit

Here's a shot of it on our bed.  I'm in love.

My husband is going to help me this weekend get some pictures of it outside.  There's no way I can wrestle this big thing, especially with all the mud that's showing up at the edges of the snowbanks. Hope the weather cooperates!

I think I slept with a smile on my face all night knowing this new quilt was keeping me warm!

I've noticed that after all the bright colors I've been working with lately, the pallet that I'm pulling for upcoming projects is much more.... calm....  low volume seems to be calling out!

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  1. wow - you go girl!! What awesome progress on this lovely quilt. No wonder you sleep with a smile on your face! Can't wait to see the next round of pics!

  2. Ooh, this is so lovely! What an amazing finish! Congrats!

  3. Cool! Great job! Every time i read scrap vomit i chuckled to myself.

  4. This is beautiful. I love how you did both machine and had quilting. And I love the clever name!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE...and I choked on my coffee at "scrap vomit". What an accurate description,

  6. wow! i love the hand stitching on the white-- best part of the quilt, although the whole thing is awesome. Congrats on your finish!

  7. So, so, so wonderful! I'm blown away with all the lovely colours. I love the mix of hand and machine quilting.

  8. Great finish! I am finishing my SV hopefully this weekend! You are pushing me right a long!

  9. What a great quilt! It definitely needed to be completed and now it is keeping you warm. . . terrific job.

  10. Love your quilt!
    And that´s the way it is for me too.
    I just have to rest in low wolume fabrics after a

  11. That is absolutely beautiful! I've really got to get going on my own. So far I've just got a pile of cut squares.

  12. Wow - that is a big quilt - it's so bright and cheerful, I think it needs a new name. Congrats on the finish!

  13. I love how the consistent centres ties it all together.

  14. Hey what a great visual idea to have those spot of light with white in you quilt! Great!

  15. This is one of the best scrappy quilts I have seen....I love the design. Great choices you made to make a great finish.