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15 April 2013

Snow, snow, and more snow

This past week was our son's spring break. Or should I say, "spring" break. We started out Monday with rain/snow mix, then all that melted. But on Thursday Mother Nature played the ultimate joke. 40 mph winds with gusts into 60+mph and a foot of snow by the time it finally quit. Husband's job sent everyone home early that day and stayed closed into Friday. Yesterday wasn't nice, but it wasn't snowing. Until this afternoon. The wind is still howling and it is snowing again. We could get 8 inches. Good grief. Enough already!

Here's our yard at 10am Thursday and again at 1:30pm. It fell hard and fast. And so did my hopes of Spring.

{I fell asleep before I finished this post last night... Our kids got a bonus day of spring break as the closed school today due to the snow and poor road conditions. My son put on shorts and kept them on when he put his snow pants on and went out to play! Way to protest winter, kiddo!}


With the unexpected snow days it has meant some time around the sewing machine. I pulled out a pile of random blocks and other UFOs that I've made over the years and decided it was time to take inventory. And what a better way to hold myself accountable and get stuff done by signing up for Quarter 2 of the Finish-A-Long!

she can quilt


Here's what I want off the shelf and into use:


Random blocks using Tufted Tweets
A baby blanket

A baby blanket that was one of my first projects after discovering modern fabric. Look at those fold lines!


A voile plus quilt that I started on New Years Day 2012

Plus there's a low volume quilt that I have squares it for, and some of Sarah Watts' Timber and Leaf mixed with some other stuff that I'm not quite sure what it will become!

So that is 6 quilts... Hmmmm... Wonder how many I can knock out this quarter. A few more snow days and I might have them done!



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