Quilts 2011

03 April 2013

Some random stuff

Random Thing #1:  First off, I've been trying out Feedly and Bloglovin to replace Google Reader (RIP).  I think I'm going to land with Bloglovin (just wish they had a dedicated app for the iPad - hopefully soon!)

Random Thing #2:  On Sunday morning I decided to make myself a necklace for Easter.  I had absolutely *nothing* else to do that morning before church.  Just an Easter breakfast the youth group kids were serving.  And a children's sermon to finish up.  And a son to get ready (and to keep out of his new found chocolate).  So I made a necklace out of some beads I had laying around, a brooch I found at a rummage sale, and some ribbon in my stash.  And lived in denial of the busy day that was ahead.

Necklace:  Check.
Son dressed for church:  Check.
Congregation served breakfast:  Check.
Keeping son out of chocolate:  Not so much.


Random #3:  Got my March Stitch that Stash Block done and mailed out:
Stitch that Stash March Block
Amanda picked this fun block and our bee mates made a variety of colors.
Can't wait to see it all come together!

Random #4:  Yesterday I finished up another project, a table runner for our dining room table.
FYI:  the candle will not be lit when the dried up palm branches are above them.  Safety, safety.

I love how the triangles turned out with the Oakshott, solid whites and off-whites, and some random black and white prints thrown in.  Any bets on how long until spaghetti sauce ends up on it?  I'm guessing the next time we have spaghetti.... :)

Random # 5:  Using my scraps from the above table runner, I made a little mug rug for my desk at work.
Makes me happy, especially with the cute mug my coworker got me for Christmas sitting on top of it! 
 Now to try not losing it under all the piles of papers...

And there's some random finishes!


  1. Such creativity!! Love your beautiful table runner!

  2. It really is a beautiful runner. You have a great collection of solids!

  3. You are so darn creative! Thanks for sharing your work! Great necklace!