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09 January 2012

2012 Quilting Resolutions...

After reading a bunch of blogs with sewing goals in the new year, I'd make up a few of my own.  I stink at follow through on the diet and exercise stuff, but quilting... I can get behind that!

1.  Sew a quilt out of buttery goodness voile
2.  Participate in a quilt along
3.  Sew a mammoth king size quilt for our bed
4.  Attempt hexies, even if it's just a rug mug!
5.  Organize the shoved up balls of fabric that make up my stash
6.  Use up some of the scraps that seem to be breeding uncontrollably.

Even though we're just a week into the new year, I'm starting to tackle the list...

Bust Yo Scraps!

First up, a quilt along that uses scraps... SCORE!!  Two items on "The List".

So after church yesterday I spent the rest of the day...
cutting up 2.5" squares.  450 of them.  And over 100 4.5" x 2.5" pieces.  Which, when cutting from big pieces of fabric wouldn't be too bad, but cutting out of random bits of fabric.  Yeah.  That takes awhile.  But it was quite satisfying to go through my scrap bin and use a ton of it up!  Put a nice dent in it.  VICTORIOUS!!

This is going to truly be a scrap quilt.  A little bit of everything!  I'm excited to see it come together.

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