Quilts 2011

23 January 2012

The Top is Done!

Yay! Got it all put together! I love, love, love it!!

Now to decide what to do for the back... Do something scrappy? Flannel?

Got to figure it out before Friday. I've put together a "crafty" day at the church where I work. Everyone's invited to bring their craft of choice... quilting, scrapbooking, beading, knitting, etc (And I've been hearing some smarty pants "etc's" - "How about my woodworking? Chainsaw art?" Sounds perfect for the church basement!)

 We'll get going Friday morning, craft the day/afternoon/evening away and then come back on Saturday for more. It should be fun!  My hope is to get a couple of quilts quilted (this one being one). Can't wait to be productive while crafting with other creative women.

Thank you to everyone for your kind words from my last  post... your kindness is appreciated greatly!

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