Quilts 2011

10 January 2012

I couldn't stop myself...

While 99.999% of the world hates Mondays, it's my most absolute most favorite day of the week.

Why? Because it's my day off. And I'm home alone. All by my lonesome. Husband heads off to work, get the boy-child off to school. And then it's just me and the rest of the day.

Totally what this introvert needs to re-fuel as my job throws me into an extrovert role.

And this particular Monday the house was clean (we had our house appraised last Thursday for refinancing - nothing like a stranger coming to your house to take pictures for some cleaning motivation!). All I had to do was move some laundry around. Which meant I had a date with my sewing machine. :)

So all those beautiful squares and rectangles I cut out over the weekend... yeah, they were staring at me, begging to be tested out.

So I sorta skipped ahead in the quilt along, and put some of the blocks together.

Is that against the rules?

Dang. My first "quilt along" and I've gone and made it a "quilt ahead" instead. Please take pity on this no-self-control-when-it -comes-to-quilting person. When I get inspired to make something, I've got to do it. Right now.

I've got about half of all of this particular block done and the other half just have to have the long sides joined to the center section.

And I'm loving how it came together - all bright and chaotic, reminders of past projects sprinkled through out. And the Robert Kaufman Tweed for Quilters in the center... love the subtle texture it adds and a place to "focus" in the midst of all the color.

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  1. I love your blocks! I love the gray with those scraps. I like it better than mine! LOL I'm like you, ready to get going with this. Except I got distracted with another QAL at: http://summerfete.blogspot.com/2012/01/calling-all-rose-starlets.html - not to distract you, too! :)