Quilts 2011

13 January 2012

Lay out

Lay out by Life on the Selvage Edge
Lay out, a photo by Life on the Selvage Edge on Flickr.
It's been a doozy of a week. Some many in our circle of friends are going through so much... heavy, heavy stuff for multiple families. Death of a parent. Cancer. More Cancer.  And more.  All together, too much.

A heavy heart, aching for these friends.

We've spent time talking and will spend tonight and tomorrow evening gathering together, circling close to lean on one another for support, share in food and conversation, and share in some tears and hopefully some laughter.

In those overwhelming times I feel like I'm able to deal/escape/cope when my hands stay busy and my mind can be a bit distracted from the heaviness at hand. Sitting at the sewing machine is therapuetic.

And hence, I've flown through putting this quilt together this week. I came home last night and I knew sleep wasn't going to come easy so I sat down and sewed. And pressed. And cut off lots of little corners. That resulted in all my blocks getting done, and lots of prayers being said in rhythm with the hum of my machine.

And I'm absolutely in love with this quilt. All the different colors. Order coming out of the chaos. Every time I look at it will be reminded of the pain of this last week, but will also be reminded of the brightness of friends, hope, joys, happy memories. All those jumbled together to surround the dark times, to help us through.


  1. what a beautiful quilt and a beautiful post.

    I understand so well the rhythmic comfort of quilting as therapy - it will wrap the good with the sad and bring warmth from the cruel chill.

  2. I love your quilt, it's bright, beautiful - stunning - but mostly I'm really sorry for your horrible week. Not much anyone can say really other then keep your chin up, and celebrate the life you've got through the things and people you love. All the best. xx